Q. Do I purchase products directly from shop.kitefinder.com?
No – shop.kitefinder.com is not a store. shop.kitefinder.com is a shopping search engine that helps you compare products, prices and stores online. Once Shop.kitefinder.com has found a store with the product you want, you can click on a link to go directly from our site to the online store, where you can learn more about the deal and, if you want, purchase the product.

Q. I cannot find the product I want on shop.kitefinder.com . Can you help?
shop.kitefinder.com has developed advanced search technology to help you find the product you are looking to buy. You can locate a product by using our search box or by clicking on the category tabs located at the top of every page.

Q. How does shop.kitefinder.com choose which stores to list on its site?
shop.kitefinder.com searches as many online stores as possible. You can choose to sort your results alphabetically by title, price or date added.

Q. Does shop.kitefinder.com search stores that are close to my house?
Use the geo tracking for a store close to your house.

Q. Can shop.kitefinder.com help me find a repair shop or the address of my product’s manufacturer?
shop.kitefinder.com does not search for repair shops nor do we supply product manufacturer information. For assistance, we suggest you contact the merchant where you bought the product or search for the manufacturer’s Web site for more information.

Q. I’ve lost my product manual. Can shop.kitefinder.com help me get a new one?
You need to contact the manufacturer of the product to acquire a new manual.

Q. If I have a problem with the merchandise I’ve ordered, will shop.kitefinder.com help me resolve it?
If you have a problem with the merchandise you’ve ordered, you need to contact the online store you ordered it from.

Q. How do I write a review?
On any product, or review page, click the Write a Kite Review link. You will be taken to a form where you can enter your review and submit it.

Q. What if I want to write about a product or service that is not listed?
Currently we only support reviews for a product listed on KiteFinder.com

Q. Can I post more than one review about the same product?
Yes, reviews of different sizes are welcome

Q. Does kitefinder.com edit or delete reviews?
No. KiteFinder does not remove reviews from the site unless a review or its author is found to be offensive.

Q. How do I update a review I wrote in the past?
If you like to update an existing review please contact us

Q. How do I delete a review?
To delete a review please contact us

Q. Can I post my reviews to other web sites?
You are free to publish your content wherever you choose.

Q. Do my reviews have to be positive?
No. KiteFinder wants you to be honest in your reviews, even if it means saying negative things. Consumers who are trying to decide whether or not to buy a product need to know its good and bad aspects in order to make an informed decision.