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KiteFinder.com is a service developed in kitesurfschool KiteMobile, a company incorporated in the Netherlands with offices at Neutronstraat 2B, 9743 AM Groningen Netherlands.

KiteFinder.com is the one and only shopping tool in the kite surfing industry. With thousands of products, several kite shops and hundreds of reviews from the community, Kitefinder.com allow online shoppers to make wise choices and, … drives more conversion to sale and value for kite shops.

As e-commerce evolves, sellers and buyers are increasingly experienced and adventurous, demanding more choice. Consumers want the widest range of kite gear and shops, along with the information and data necessary to navigate those choices efficiently. Online shops demand exposure to the ever-growing, global community of kitesurfers.


KiteFinder’s mission is to help our visitors use the power of information to find, compare and buy kite surfing equipment!

Helping change the way consumers shop and merchants sell online

For consumersKiteFinder.com is the ultimate starting point for online shopping. The world’s only interactive kite product catalog – searchable by thousands of attributes – provides an unique depth of information necessary to make purchase decisions. From kites, boards or boots, shoppers in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cape Town or Paris, confidently can find the right product at the right price and from the right shop generally in fewer than six clicks.

KiteFinder.com consistently ranks among the top 3, with kite review search queries. Global top google SEO destinations in the U.S., the Netherlands, U.K., France, Australia, Caribbean and Germany.

For Kite Shops, KiteFinder provides one of the most productive and efficient online channels available. The clear presentation of authentic data facilitates purchase decisions faster than any other site. As a result, kite gear browsers become kite gear buyers and KiteFinder.com offers one of the highest conversion to sale rates in the kite surfing industry.

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We are dedicated to delivering the best shopping experience in the kite surfing industry. You can help us serve you better by sharing your own KiteFinder.com experiences.

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